My work is influenced by cartoons, graffitti, landscape painting, renaissance painting. artists like Andrew Wyeth, Bill Traylor, Barnett Newman and Basquiat,

 It's all visual language. 

I use Symbols, trumpets, ellipses, blue birds, skulls, telephone poles, stitching, animals, people, landscape , houses. 

I intentionally leave it all somewhat open to interpretation by the viewer. I’m at piece with the ambiguity.

 I believe that what you say is just as important as how you say it. Maybe more so. 

 I like materials. I sew with twine, build with wood, make use of surfaces, texture, and veneer. I like being free to use whatever I see fit.

My subject matter has increasingly been focused on modern themes. There is a lot of chaos and strife in the current work. I think that this is a natural reflection of the world we live in.